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The Common, in collaboration with guest co-editor Miguel M. Morales, will publish a portfolio of writing from the farmworker and farm laborer community: the migrant, seasonal, and often immigrant laborers who make up much of the US agricultural workforce.

We invite work from current and former farmworkers of all ages, as well as those raised in farmworker families who experienced the stories and effects of this work through their parents or other relations.

We offer space to work that voices the diversity of farmwork and farmworkers, and their wide range of experiences—the physical, emotional, and financial struggles, the dangers and injustices, but also the rituals and celebrations, and the profound strength, skill, ingenuity, and resilience that are essential to this life.

Submissions open August 15, 2022 and close February 17, 2023. Payment for accepted work is $200 for prose pieces and $40 per poem.

We seek original unpublished submissions of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and hybrid works. We welcome writing from emerging and established writers as well as those with no previous publication history or writing background. Those submitting work should identify as current or former farmworkers or farm laborers, or come from families rooted in this community.

Submit only once per genre until you hear back. A submission is 1 prose piece (10,000 word limit), 3 short flash pieces, or 5 poems. Please specify the genre of your piece in the title of the submission. We will waive submission fees if they present a difficulty; please contact us at info@thecommononline.org if this is the case.

Pieces may be submitted in English or Spanish. For work in other languages, please arrange to have at least two pages translated into English as a sample. We will commission translations for works we are interested in publishing. Translated pieces for which the translator has secured the rights are also welcome.

Questions, thoughts, concerns? Contact managing editor Emily Everett at emily@thecommononline.org.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.